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Hair colouring can cause skin irritation on certain individuals, so it is recommended to perform a sensitivity test 48 hours before using it.

Please remember to keep the product away from children and store it in a cool and dry place, away from the direct light. It is not intended to dye eyelashes, eyebrows, beards or mustaches. You should immediately rinse your eyes in case of contact with the product.

For more information, read the FAQs on the FAQ page or read the leaflet cautions inside Herbatint package.


For excellent coverage of grey hair

Colours of the Natural (N) series from 1N to 8N cover 100% of grey hair starting from the first application. Tones 9N and 10N have an extremely low concentration of colouring pigments and thus they must be mixed with a small amount of 8N to obtain the best coverage.

If you wish to use one of the tones of the Ash (C), Golden (D), Copper (R), Golden-Copperish (DR), Mahogany (M) or Flash Fashion (FF) series and you have a high percentage of grey hair, for best results you should mix the colour you have chosen (for example, 4R) with an equivalent shade of the Natural (in this case the 4N) series. As a rule, the higher the percentage of grey hair, the greater the amount of N in the equivalent shade to be used (see the table).

Example: if you have a high percentage of grey hair (more than 60%) and you have chosen to use 4R, we recommend mixing 40 (ml) of 4N with 20 (ml) of 4R and complete by adding 60 (ml) of developer for a right mixing balance between colour and developer 1: 1. (For more details: "How to mix two or more tones").



For professional results we suggest you to separate your hair into four equal sections, dividing them in half again by using a comb:

  • The first one, vertically from the center of the frontal hairline to the center of the back hairline.
  • The second one, horizontally from behind one ear to behind the other.

In case of very thick hair you should apply the product on thin hair strands to ensure that the dye reaches all the hair evenly. Always start from the front.
Start applying on the two frontal areas where usually the greatest amount of grey hair is concentrated. In case of very thick hair, apply the product on thin hair sections so that the dye reaches all the hair evenly.

To perfectly cover grey hair ‘deposit’ the colour instead of ‘brushing’ it on areas with a greater concentration of grey hair. The greater the area to be coloured, the greater amount of product to be used.


When there is a high percentage of grey hair, for best results we recommend using the FF (Flash Fashion) nuance combined with a tone of the series N (Natural), otherwise the colour might come out brighter than expected.

  • If you choose the FF3 shade, combine it with 5N.
  • If you choose any other nuance of the FF series, combine it with 7N.